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The way you use laser engraving machine safely?

(1) Avoid eye contact with all the laser light of laser engraving machine
(2) in the area can be controlled using a laser, and add signs
(3) without permission may not be used, we can only have trained personnel to work the laser engraving machine
(4) The lighting beam whenever possible around the closed path, to prevent the laser light exposure
(5). Wear goggles with the appropriate laser
(6) The body to prevent entering the laserlight and also the reflected engraving machine range
(7) Working beside the object away unnecessary reflective materials (for example: metal material)
(8). Processing object near the best cover for the appropriate
(9). Laser Body erection just try to avoid eye height
(10) Observe that the laser processing environment or exhaust ventilation conditions
Laser engraving machine laser and beam, in line with the above requirements operate the laser engraving machine, not only dependable laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine also for the performance and maintenance are good.

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