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Method for prolonging plasma cutting machine consumable parts service life

The first,ensure correct plasma air pressure and flow
Plasma correct air pressure and flow is very important for the life of consumable parts. If pressure is too high, the service life of the electrode can be greatly reduced; Air pressure is too low, the life of the nozzle will be affected. With reference to the use of plasma cutting machine instruction set.
The second,the reasonable distance
Cut away from the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface distance, the distance are kept constant, generally at about 3 to 8 mm, it's too far not only power consumption is too large, cut penetration will decline, and relatively electrode consumption, decrease the service life of the electrode; Too close to the more simple and very cost nozzle, the service life of nozzle re-doubled will decline, even mount was burned; When the perforation, try to use 2 times the normal cut from distance or using plasma arc can deliver maximum height.
The third,the perforation thickness and cutting thickness should be in the range of allowable machine system
Plasma cutting machine can't work in more than the thickness of the steel plate on perforation, perforation thickness usually for half of the normal cutting thickness. As far as possible within the scope of rated of normal plasma cutting machine cutting thickness cutting, try not to cutting on the limit of cutting thickness, the domestic cutter cutting thickness is generally normal production manufacturer with 60% of the maximum cutting thickness, as far as possible within the scope of the thickness of cutting, cutting nozzle will be best protected.
The fourth,the nozzle don't overload use
Let the nozzle overload (current exceeds the nozzle, the nozzle), will make the nozzle damage soon. Current strength should be should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle. For example: 100 a current strength of the nozzle should be set to 95 A.
The fifth,maintain plasma dry and clean
Plasma system needs to be dry and clean plasma can work normally. Smudgy usually gas compression system problems, it will shorten the service life of consumable parts, resulting non normal damage. Method for testing gas quality is the torch in the test condition,put  a mirror is on the lower gas consumption,torch inside, if appear on the mirror moisture and mist, you will need to find out the reason.

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