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Laser cutter


Machine introduction


1) 80w/100w/130w laser tube for your choice. Able to engrave and cut most on non-metal materials.

2) Water cooling system (water chiller), cools and protects the laser tube.

3) Air pump, protects the material being engraved/cut from fire and helps to get better effect.
4) Exhaust fan and pipes, remove dust and smoke to protect optical parts and the user.
5) Aluminum knife table, holds hard non metal materials such as wood, MDF
Machine application
All the Non-Metal Materials and Painted Metals, Such as Acrylic, MDF, Fabric, Wood, Bamboo, Plexiglas, leather, marble etc.
Machine parameters
Working area
Laser power
60W/80W/100w (optional)
Controlling software
DSP control system
Cooling system
Water cooling and protection system
Drive system
High-precision stepper motor
Position accuracy
Cutting speed
Highest scanning precision
Compatible software
Working environment
Power supply
Machine samples
                         Leather cutting                                                          Acrylic cutting
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