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Acrylic laser cutting machine



Machine introduction


1. The control system uses the advanced DSP controller; it can make the machine performance more stable.
2.  High precision: the precision reaches to 0.01mm, as accurate as 1mmx1mm on English letter, 2mmx2mm on Chinese letter.
3.  According to the different needs of different standard CO2 laser power, excellent cost performance
4. it is adopted linear guide systems and three reflect structure, guarantee the cutting surface is smoothly,
5. Uses the PC control the machine running, large format, fast speed, simple to learn and use.


Machine application


All the Non-Metal Materials and Painted Metals, Such as Acrylic,  MDF,  Fabric,  Wood,  Bamboo,  Plexiglas,  Normal  glass,  Crystal,  

Plastic, Garments, Paper, Leather, Rubber, Ceramic and Other Garments Sampling, Large Width tailoring, Shoemaking, Decoration, Furniture,

Advertisement, Packing and Printing, Molding and Art Craft Industries etc.


Machine parameters


Machine model
Working area
Laser power
Controlling software
DSP control system
Cooling system
Water cooling and protection system
Drive system
High-precision stepper motor
Position accuracy
Cutting speed
Highest scanning precision
Compatible software
Working environment
Power supply


Machine samples



             Leather cutting                                                                     Acrylic  cutting

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